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We have master’s thesis final presentation between May 29 and May 31.

Students must come 20 minutes earlier than the schedule.

Before your presentation, PRINT the evaluation sheet from Class-Net and give it to your supervisor.

If you pass the master’s thesis final exam, you must participate in Degree Show.

Degree show is compulsory for graduation.


Final Exam Procedure

  1. Each student has 15 minutes to present.
  2. The committee asks questions and discuss the result(Pass or Fail) for 5minutes.
  3. 2 out of 3 committee members should agree to pass the student.
  4. The chairman of the committee (not the Supervisor) fills out the form and submits it to the Academic Affair Office directly.
  5. Those who fail can have another chance for the exam within 7 years from the year they entered.


Final Assessment Criteria

  1. Competence and logical methodology with creative problem solving
  2. Fluency and creativity with languages of form
  3. Consideration of human factors in design
  4. 3D, 2D, computer and verbal communication skills
  5. Understanding of relevant manufacturing, technology and cost of production
  6. Understanding of the general context of market and customer needs
  7. Ability in information gathering and critical evaluation
  8. Awareness of the cultural and social context in design


Thesis Presentation and Exhibition Format

Research Based Thesis Project Based Thesis
Final presentation 2 A1 size boards PPT presentation
Exhibition 2 A1 size boards minimum Individual art work