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Social Innovation Design Challenge 2015-2 English | Korean

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One part of Social Innovation taking place in Seoul is the innovation of the public sector. Since Won Soon Park was elected as mayor, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has encouraged citizen engagement in decision making processes as opposed to traditional one-way public communication.

It is an innovative governance model that pursues transparent communication between the city administration and the citizen. The SMG has led social innovation by establishing various facilitating intermediary organisations. The Social Innovation Park (SIP) is one of these facilitators.

The SIP gathers social innovators, encourages their collaboration and inspires experimentation for social innovation.

Social Innovation Design Challenge 2015 in collaboration with IDAS (Hongik University) and Sangmyung University

Challenge: How might we improve communication among the Seoul Innovation Park Residents?

Designers: Young Mee Yoo (유영미), Min Jeong Kim (김민정), Hee Ran Shin (신희란), Jisu Kim (김지수), Aejin Kang (강애진), Eun Ae Shin (신은혜), Nathalie Ebel, Constanza Davila, Jin Cheol Woo (우진철), Yoon Ah Lim (임윤아), Jieun Jo (조지은), Grim Yun (윤그림), Woo Jung Kwon (권우정), So Jung Kwak (곽소정)

Supervisors: Prof. Sven Schelwach (스벤 쉘바흐), Prof. Jieun Kwon (권지은)

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