Prof. Simone Carena in Arirang TV

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Professor Simone Carena showed in “A shining legacy, Architecture of the times”, a cultural documentary of Arirang TV hosted by professor Peter Tagiuri of Rhode Island School of Design.

Professor Simone Carena’s field of work is Architecture and while he has been teaching Digital Media Design in IDAS since 2001. He has always connected the digital world to space. In this documentary program produced by Arirang TV for the global market he was invited to comment on the impact of Seoul’ Chongyye Stream renovation of 2003.

Professor Peter Tagiuri visited Simone’s office in Gwangjang Market two years ago and, positively impressed by the atmosphere of the laboratory, invited him to participate to several RISD architecture and planning events.

If you watch the clip from the documentary you will see the space+media angle of Simone while he is commenting the Stream with Peter. This program as several others documentaries featuring Simone’s work, (most of them are available on-line) will show you one branch of research you can join if you decide to apply to IDAS.


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