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Playful School (2014)

Designers: Mi-sun Kim, Gyu-yong Kim, Ji-in Jeon
Supervisor: Prof. Sven Schelwach

Low education levels are key obstacles in sustainable social development. The UN reported 287 million adult illiterates worldwide in 2013. In India school enrolment numbers are generally high, students’ attendance rates are alarmingly low however and further decreasing. Poor facilities and uninspiring educational environments have been identified as some of the main causes for students’ lack of motivation causing detrimental effects in the long-term.

After analysing the situation in the state of Rajasthan (India) where student’s skip ~30% of all classes and where many fundamental facilities are missing, Mi-sun Kim, Gyu-yong Kim and Ji-in Jeon developed a furniture design concept that supports a more collaborative, participatory learning environment. Using appropriate design the furniture is made of readily available paper waste and rapidly renewable resources such as hemp fibre. The design is modular, customisable and made of affordable, environmentally friendly materials. It creates an active, enjoyable learning experience.
Positively influencing students’ motivation the proposed solution is expected help raise attendance rates and thus lower illiteracy. Social innovation through improved education.

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