[Project: Brand experience design for a global minimal-design watch brand]

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[Project: Brand experience design for a global minimal-design watch brand]

By Yu-Jin Precision


Project duration: 3 months

Monthly payment: 2,500,000 won (negotiable)


Yu-Jin Precision, formerly the exclusive distributor of brands such as Omega and Rado, is a historical player in the watch industry.


We are bringing in a globally successful minimal-design watch to Korea and want to build a powerful brand experience. For us, “brand experience” spans from product portfolio, advertisements and retail experience, and we plan on carrying out an in-depth research on our target users to truly understand their needs. As a result, we will find ways to offer the brand to our users the best we can.


What makes this work great?


  1. You will have a chance to create affordable self-assuring experience for the users. (The brand’s universal C.I. is quite the meaningful fashion statement in such regards.) If you are into product design, you can even develop a Korea Limited Edition. We will allow you to put all of your work in your portfolio as long as you don’t show it to our competitors for the next 2 years.


  1. Because you will work on a two-people team, you will have a high degree of freedom in creative work and working hours, although the project will require full-time participation.


  1. You will get the rare experience to work with someone with a business background that can yield creative work. This should help you grow as a valuable interdisciplinary design professional.

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