[International Workshop] Design Strategy & Management for Industry 4.0

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BK21+사업단에서 아래와 같이 국제워크숍을 개최하니 idas 학생들의 많은 참여 바랍니다.


1) 주제: Design Strategy & Management for Industry 4.0

2) 기간: 2018. 1. 2(화)~4일(목), 18:00~21:00(3일 프로그램)

3) 장소: 홍익대학교 국제디자인전문대학원 교육동 505호

4) 강연자: Bill F. Dresselhaus

5) 참여대상자 : BK21플러스 참여대학원생 및 IDAS 석·박사 과정생

6) 참여 신청: 관심있는 학생은 12월 28일까지 BK21+ email(bk21plus@idas.ac.kr)로 신청하기 바랍니다. [이름, 소속(과정, 전공) 기재]


문의 : BK21플러스사업단 (02-3668-3827, bk21plus@idas.ac.kr)

주관 : 홍익대학교 BK21플러스사업단


BK21+ project team will hold an international workshop, “Design Strategy & Management for Industry 4.0” as follows.


  1. Workshop Directors 

Organizer: Prof. Ken Nah

Guest speaker: Bill F. Dresselhaus


Bill Dresselhaus is currently President/CEO of Dresselhaus Group, Inc., a design and innovation management, education and execution consultancy. He is now also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) Department in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science (MCECS) at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon USA.


– BS/MS in chemical engineering (Nebraska and Iowa State Universities);

– MS in product design (Stanford University);

– Executive Graduate Studies in Industrial Design (Art Center College of Design);

– Eclectic 45-year experience in design, innovation, management and teaching;

– Been process engineer, product designer, mechanical designer, project/department manager, industrial designer, professor, publisher, graphic designer, biochemical technician, machinist, and model-maker.

– Principal Product Designer and Product Design Manager at Apple Computer;

– Director of Lunar Design Portland Office;

– Lead Product Designer and Product Design Manager/Director at InFocus Systems;

– CEO/Principal of Dresselhaus Group, Inc.

– 8.5 years as full-time product design and design management professor;

– 10 years as part-time design, management and STEAM instructor;

– Articles, workshops, seminars, lectures, and presentations on design and management;

– Listed as inventor on four US patents.




  1. Date and Place

6-9 pm, January 2 – 4, 2018

DA505, Daehakro Campus


  1. Contents

TITLE: Design Strategy & Management for Industry 4.0

SUBTITLE: Creating Successful Systems & Organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


ABSTRACT: Foundational quality design management always includes effective design strategies and organizations to meet both business and societal demands…regardless of the type of industry. However, besides these essential qualities, designing and managing new systems and organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will also take a new level of ingenuity and innovation to succeed. This workshop will address what it will take beyond the basic foundational qualities of good design management to survive within Industry 4.0.


This Industry 4.0 Strategy Workshop will be in 2 parts…

  1. A review of Industry 4.0 components, features and issues via 2-3 videos, printed documents and examples with appropriate lecture and group discussion.
  2. An interactive team approach to revolutionizing a design strategy and management/organizational future in adapting to Industry 4.0 in various key industries.


  1. Schedule

[Day 1] January 2 / 18:00-21:00

: Introduction, briefing, plan and research.

[Day 2] January 3 / 18:00-21:00

: Ideation, brainstorm, development and concepts.

[Day 3] January 4 / 18:00-21:00

: Finalization of concepts and solutions; presentations.


  1. Apply to bk21plus@idas.ac.krwith Name, Major and contact info. by Dec. 28.


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