IDAS-IED potential future

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On 20th July 2016, Simone Carena, prof. of  IDAS and  co-founder of MOTOElastico will give a talk about dynamic cultural clashes in Seoul, Korea at the Instituto Europero di Design, Torino, Itlay.

Collisions are dramatic forms of cooperation. The 60 minute presentation features the personal/professional experience of working in Seoul/Korea for the past 15 years. The uniqueness of the culture, the work environment, the challenges of adaptation/cooperation. Mobility is the key of the design process of MOTOElastico, the professional office founded by Simone and Marco Bruno in 2006, a lab that helps generate momentum for the studio classes in IDAS, the first and most controversial International design school of Korea.
Multiple slides and videos from MOTOElastico and from IDAS students will be used to discuss the appeal of South Korea for future cooperation between IED and IDAS.


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