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Ilwhan Ahn, Sven Schelwach, IDAS x NIFoS 3

In Spring 2016 IDAS collaborated with NIFoS, the National Institute of Forest Science – a world-class research institute located in Seoul, South Korea. NIFoS has been committed to forest science and technology for more than 90 years improving public well-being, protecting soil health, and supporting world greening.

NIFoS has researched, developed and patented a large variety of forestry products, manufacturing processes, and sustainable materials for industry and design. Among others, NIFoS has created formaldehyde-free wood adhesives based on rice powder as well as the world’s first bendable lithium-ion battery made from wood.

The collaboration between IDAS and NIFoS, lead by Prof. Sven Schelwach, director Sang-Bum Park, and researcher Min Lee aimed at creating product design concepts applying a novel charcoal material. This charcoal board has anti-fungal properties, the ability to absorb VOCs (volatile organic compounds) considered to be cancerous, and to regulate air humidity. It also is fire resistant, absorbs sound, and does not show any cracks like regular charcoal.

Ilwhan Ahn, Sven Schelwach, IDAS x NIFoS 2 Jangju Moon, Sven Schelwach, IDAS x NIFoS 3 Jekyo Kim, Sven Schelwach, IDAS x NIFoS 5 jose-miguel-penalva-tebar-sven-schelwach-tazas-de-te-caliente-idas-x-nifos-4_1 Yeeun Kim, Sven Schelwach, IDAS x NIFoS 3