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Master’s Program Bachelor’s degree holders
Ph.D. Program Master’s degree holders


Master’s Program Product design, Digital Media Design and Design Management
Ph.D. Program Design Studies

Duration of Program

Master’s Program 2 year for design background students
3 year for non design background students
Ph.D. Program 3 year

Application Materials

Document Notes
1 Completed application forms Form 1 – Application form

Form 2 – Application for admission

Form 3 – Affidavit of financial support

2 Official transcripts &

Graduation certificates

Diploma and Transcripts should be notarized at either the Korean Embassy of applicant’s home country or that country’s Embassy located in Seoul.

*For visa issuance, you need to prepare one more Notarized Diploma and Transcripts.

3 Letter of agreement to verify enrollment and transcripts Form 4 – Letter of Agreement
4 Statement of purpose Applicants are asked to prepare a resume of their academic, professional and industrial experience, and a short statement in which they will show their understanding of the scope and potential of design, and give their reasons for wishing to study at IDAS.
5 Official TOEFL or TEPS

*TOEFL above 550

Prospective students who are native English speakers may waive the TOEFL requirements.
6 Letter of recommendation From an academic advisor
7 Document of accreditation for undergraduate institution * Print the List of Universities of the World at UNESCO IAU(

*China: Confucius Institute(

8 Certificate of foreigner(parents and himself/herself) Ex. Family Record of your country
9 Three color photos Three color photos(3 x 4 cm) adhered to the application form.
10 One photocopy of passport Foreigners who stay in Korea also need to submit a photocopy of alien card.
11 One copy of a verification of deposit(VOD) of the person responsible for the student’s expenses Those applicants who need a student visa(D-2) should submit documentation verifying that you or persons responsible for student’s study expenses have maintained at least USD13,000 over a period of one month.
12 Sponsor’s certificate of employment or certificate of business registration & sponsor’s certificate of tax payment If someone else is responsible for your expenses, you must also submit a letter of sponsorship which they have signed.
13 Certificate of graduation and transcripts from elementary school to high school Korean overseas residents only
14 Certificate of The Facts Concerning The Entry & Exit
15 Photographs of work Within 20 photos
16 Application fee of 70,000 Korean Won

*Please, include the application fee with cash in your application.

Application Deadline

The deadline for application is the end of April for Fall semester and October for Spring semester.

Please make an inquiry to Ms. Soojung Kang at

Where to apply

International Design School for Advanced Studies, Hongik University

Education Bl. 403-3, 57 Daehakro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-460 Korea

For Additional information

TEL. +82-2-3668-3804,3806
FAX. +82-2-744-6866