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[Exhibition] Prof. Simone Carena “MOTULORS_Collapsible Playground” 12 Nov – 20 Nov

Prof. Simone Carena is having an exhibition at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE FRI 12 November  to SAT 20 […]

idasian 267 2010.11.11
[Article] Prof. Andrea Dichiara in a magazine ‘theBuyer’

  There was an article on Foodesign with Guzzini in theBuyer.   2010년 11월 1일~ 14일, […]

idasian 343 2010.11.05
[Exhibition] Prof. Andrea Dichiara with Guzzini

Prof. Andrea Dichiara is having an exhibition with Guzzini until Dec. 31, 2010. You are invited […]

idasian 383 2010.11.03
[Article] Cathy Lee_Fashionbiz_2010/11

뉴욕DNA 「이카트리나뉴욕」   This November issue of Fashionbiz carried a article of Prof. Cathy Lee. 패션비즈  […]

idasian 199 2010.11.01
David Hall’s studio class Exhibition “Anamorphic Architecture” 2010.10.29 – 11.11

  Digital Media Design Studio 3 class students and Prof.David Hall are having group exhibition in SamChung […]

idasian 600 2010.10.30
Prof. Andrea Dichiara interviewed on the food magazine ‘THE BUYER’

idasian 178 2010.10.22
Prof. Andrea Dichiara had Table ware design seminar & Cooking class

  Table ware design seminar and Cooking class were held in cafe Boutique G (Baekwoon lake) where […]

idasian 181 2010.10.08
Prof. Andrea Dichiara in Seoul Design Fair 2010

Design project for ‘INTERNI’ Italian design magazine booth made by Prof. Andrea Dichiara. [Design studio2 in […]

idasian 261 2010.10.06
corner gallery poster_CHEMICAL_WEDDING
Exhibition – “C.9(2) Chemical Wedding” 2010.09.29 – 2010.10.15 A duel exhibition from artists Jinwoo Chung and OpiumBlue. Based on the […]

idasian 226 2010.09.30
[Article] Cathy Lee_Fashionbiz_2010/09

  This September issue of Fashionbiz carried a article of Prof. Cathy Lee. FASHIONBIZ  2010년 9월호에 […]

idasian 172 2010.09.06
[Article] Cathy Lee_여성중앙_2010/09

This September issue of Fashionbiz carried a article of Prof. Cathy Lee. 여성중앙  2010년 9월호에 캐시리 […]

idasian 180 2010.09.06
[Article] Cathy Lee_Nobless/Bazaar/CosmoMan_2010/09

This September issue of Nobless/Bazaar/CosmoMan carried a article of Prof. Cathy Lee. 노블레스/바자/코스모맨  2010년 9월호에 캐시리 […]

idasian 180 2010.09.06
[David Hall] Exhibition – “Community” 2010.07.29 – 2010.08.09

David Hall 2009 “Community, Identity, Stability”– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 1 “The mockery made […]

idasian 156 2010.07.30

    EKATRINA NEW WORK’S 2010 FALL&WINTER  COLLECTION 본교 캐시교수님의 브랜드 ‘이카트리나 뉴욕’이 2010년 7월  F/W 시즌을 위한 프리젠테이션을 가졌습니다. […]

idasian 212 2010.07.25
[David Hall+GoEun Lee Exhibition] “Augmented” 2010.07.12 – 2010.07.24

  Koosi+ Opiumblue         digital media design professor David Hall and student Goeun […]

idasian 271 2010.07.16