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Prof. Simone Carena in Arirang TV

Professor Simone Carena showed in “A shining legacy, Architecture of the times”, a cultural documentary of […]

IDAS Office 393 2017.01.16
[2016 Group Exhibition]FFK_ Human : Fashion : Environment (Dec. 16-19)

2016 Group exhibition FFK_ Human : Fashion : Environment (Dec. 16-19)   Opening party Dec. 16 […]

IDAS Office 513 2016.12.14
2016 Golden Egg_Poster_Final_RGB
2016 IDAS DEGREE SHOW(Dec. 2 – 4)

2016 IDAS Degree Show Golden Egg DEC 2 – DEC 4   Opening Ceremony DEC 2 […]

IDAS Office 653 2016.11.14
Product design workshop Poster edited

  OPEN YOUR PRODUCT SENSE Workshop with “Technology Will Save Us” We can easily experience that […]

IDAS Office 389 2016.10.24
2016 <제임스 다이슨 어워드> IDAS 제품디자인전공 장미, 한지영, 노솔 석권

<제임스 다이슨 어워드>는 차세대 디자인 엔지니어들이 차별화된 생각을 할 수 있도록 도전 의식을 북돋우는 국제 학생 디자인 […]

IDAS Office 488 2016.10.24
사본 -Sven Schelwach_IDAS X Beijing Uni of Technology_2016 6
Design for Sustainability in China

“Yellow Dust” and Smog – regular topics of conversations in Seoul – and often attributed to […]

IDAS 263 2016.10.17
사본 -Deloitte Workshop_0916_Martin Walter_Sven Schelwach_02
Design 4.0 – Digital Business Model & Transformation Design Workshop

Design 4.0 – Digital Business Model & Transformation Design Workshop with Martin Walter and Prof. Sven Schelwach […]

IDAS 973 2016.09.28
IDAS-IED potential future

On 20th July 2016, Simone Carena, prof. of  IDAS and  co-founder of MOTOElastico will give a talk about dynamic […]

IDAS 601 2016.07.20
2016_IDAS_Main poster_final-01
IDAS Degree Show_Summer 2016

2016 IDAS Summer Graduate Exhibition The international Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS), Hongik University has […]

IDAS Office 783 2016.06.07
Embodied Design – The Design Method of Pixar & Dreamworks

By Prof. Chaehan So The following video and photo document a memorable event when the wonderful […]

IDAS Office 744 2016.06.03
Convergence in Healthcare and Design, Hyojin Nam, Director of Fuelfor

“의료와 디자인의 융합, fuelfor의 디자이너 남효진 “   한국디자인 진흥원의 Design db 기획한 싱가포르 디자인에 헬스케어 […]

IDAS 240 2016.05.23
Hyunjoo Kim Helped President Park’s K-Culture Diplomacy in Iran

“한-이란 수교를 위해 이란 방문한 박근혜 대통령을 위해 K-Culture 전시 한지 체험 이끈 IDAS 동문 김현주 […]

IDAS 369 2016.05.11
Dutch Lab in Design Beijing 2016

“더치 랩 디자인 베이징에서 한국 건축가 장승효, 이태리 디자이너 알렉산드로 멘디니와 함께 전시의 메인 장식” 제품디자인과 […]

IDAS 315 2016.05.04
Good Design is Good Business Workshop with Paolo Lorini

Design is today a de facto must-have for any company in any industry, from start-ups to […]

IDAS 8089 2015.12.04
Plastique Fantastique Workshop at IDAS

URBAN AIR TOOL Plastique Fantastique Workshop at IDAS, Hongik University Imagine that our campus is our […]

IDAS 1299 2015.11.19